Cheese Slice

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Cheese Slice


Title: Cheese Slice

Artist: Tripper Dungan

Size: 5” x 8”

When I was a kid I got in trouble for coloring in my brothers He-Man coloring book, and that's when I knew I wanted to be an artist. I moved around a lot as a kid. We’d drive across country and My brother would call shotgun so did a lot of drawing in the back seat. We ended up in Las Vegas during my teenage years and I attended the Las Vegas Academy of Art, a magnet school for the arts. 

After high school I made a DIY carnival in my moms backyard replete with a tea bar, black and white cartoon hut with a strobe light, and a soundproof mushroom house.

Following a summer in San Diego I hitchhiked up to Eugene and lived with a bunch of creative folks in a converted farm house dubbed the Friendly Estates. I helped form a small circus composed mainly of fire dancers. That's when I started making psychedelic shadow puppet shows and painting 3D paintings and hanging art shows around Eugene. 

In 2002 I moved to Portland and proceeded to try and get my art on the walls of every coffee shop, bar, and beauty parlor that would let me. I met up with an inspiring group of folk artist who formed the Junktown Allstars later named Junktown. We would put up walls made out of salvaged wood at Lounges around Portland. The weathered walls would have Christmas lights and art all over them, and affordable art made from salvaged materials. 

The past couple years have found me working towards solo immersive installation projects like Lookie House, Average Bear, and Laser Dome. Look for more space transportation in the coming year. 

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