Maximum Art Power



The Sally Centigrade Art Gallery was created as a place to host contemporary art, with an emphasis on work from the lowbrow and pop surreal movement.  The gallery has been fortunate enough to work with some of the scene's most popular artists, and was named Denver's Best Lowbrow Art Gallery by Westword Magazine.  Our art shows have been featured in a number of the art worlds most popular outlets, including Arrested Motion, Supersonic Art and Beautifull.Bizarre.  The gallery is a venue to showcase Denver's most interesting artists, and bring work from popular artists from around the country and the world to the Mile High City.  The artist residency program has been created to  give artists a chance to come to Denver and create, immerse themselves in our art scene and use our gallery as a venue to show their new body of work.  

Our artist residency offers free lodging for the duration of the program.  The artist will be given a commission free show (either a pop up or full run depending on the length of the residency).  It is a fantastic opportunity for artists to have a potentially high profile show, spend time in Denver with designated time and space to create and join the Denver art scene.